8 video tutorials with markers and pencils
from 24 tutorials BASE Fashion Sketching online course
8 уроков в маркере и карандаше из 24 уроков Базового курса

Program of the course
Main topics
  • 1
    Face drawing / Построение лица
    Working with pencil and regular paper / В карандаше
  • 2
    Face drawing in colors / Заливка лица
    Working with markers / Работа маркерами
  • 3
    Body drawing / Построение тела
    How to draw one leg support poses / В карандаше
  • 4
    Body rendering/ Заливка тела
    With markers / Работа маркерами
  • 5
    Catwalk runway pose / Фигура в движении
    With pencil / В карандаше
  • 6
    Back view pose / Фигура вид сзади
    Using pencil / В карандаше
  • 7
    Textures and folds / Текстуры и складки
    Transparent textures / Работа маркерами прозрачные складки
  • 8
    Textures / Текстура меха
    Fur / Работа в маркере
Using materials
You can find all the materials on Amazon or in your city in the art materials store.

Copic Sketch or Copic Ciao Markers

1. E11
2. E13
3. E29
4. Y21
5. B 41
6. B 14
7. R 30
8. R 59
9. RV 32
10. V 15
11. N 1
12. N 3
13. N 5
14. BLACK 110

Add materials

1. Copic Multiliner 0.05 sepia
2. Copic Multiliner 0.05 black
3. Copic Multiliner 0.3 black
4. White gel pen Gelly Roll / Pentel / Pilot
5. Silver metallic gel pen Gelly Roll
6. Gold Metallic gel pen Gelly Roll
7. Contour on glass and ceramics "Decola" 18 ml with glitter gold and silver or another acrylic glitter from your country
8. White pastel pencil Koh-i-noor "Gioconda"
9. The set of watercolor pencils Faber-castell "Albrecht Durer" 12 colors
10. Faber Castell "Sleeve" eraser with cuff, small eraser
11. Sharpener Faber Castel GRIP TRIO
12. Canson 'Marker Layout Paper' 70 g / m
13. Sketchbook on a VERTICAL spiral or stitching, A4, density 80-120 grm
14. Mechanical pencil 0,3 Pentel Graphgear
How is the training going?
  • Video tutorials are available for 1 year
  • Video tutorials are recorded in advance and you can watch them at any time
  • You always have the opportunity to write to the teacher in the chat at any timе, and you are always in touch with a highly qualified professional
  • You need to do your homework. You are given 5 days to complete each lesson. At the end of this period, you send a completely finished homework.
  • You can always complete your homework faster and get access to the next lesson sooner.
  • The next lesson is sent only if you have completed homework for the previous lesson
  • Refunds are not possible. There are no free lessons.
  • Price $175 USD (8 tutorials) / 9800р
  • You can pay via PayPal or bank account
Attention, please! The course is not sent to you all at once. My students have such a high results and they are drawing very good because they are drawing, not because they are looking with their eyes) To achieve a result, you need to draw regularly. You are going through the training for several months. Homework from the homework. Money is not refunded if you started training and then decided to quit. Please treat your decisions and the result that you want to get more responsibly. If you don't have time to paint, take the time first. Then start studying. If you're ready to get started, the JOIN button is below)

Обратите внимание ! Курс не присылается весь сразу. Мои студенты имеют такие высокие результаты и очень классно рисуют потому, что рисуют. А не потому, что смотрят глазками) Для достижения результата нужно рисовать регулярно. Вы проходите курс постепенно, в течении нескольких месяцев. Домашняя работа за домашней работой. Так вы ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО научитесь рисовать. Важно! Деньги не возвращаются если вы начали обучение и затем решили бросить его. Пожалуйста, относитесь к своим решениям и результату, который хотите получить - более ответственно. Если у вас нет времени рисовать, сначала найдите время. Затем начинайте учебу. Если вы готовы начать обучение, кнопка JOIN ниже)

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